My Office is a Mess

My Office is a Mess

Andy Cohen cleans his office and offers random musings on the snow and nightlife.

I am totally overwhelmed looking at the pig sty that is my office. I feel like it should be evacuated and I should just throw a match behind me and let it burn. I know deep inside my innards that this is not the answer, and I've vowed to myself to stay here today until it's tidy. 

In other "news"....

* I received very generous tins of popcorn from both the Zarin family and the Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa family, and I cannot stop gorging on the multi-flavors. I thought chocolate covered popcorn couldn't possibly taste great, but late at night it really hits the spot. Do I plan on eating the entire contents of the tins? I wonder. These are the hazards of being single/childless.

* The snowstorm on Saturday night was spectacular. The streets were so quiet and it was as though the city was covered by a fluffy down comforter. I was at a big dinner at the Tribeca Palm during the worst of it, then met a friend at the Boom Boom Room which is only a couple blocks from where I live (that was my excuse, see.)  It was an "all in" kind of night — meaning that people who were out seemed to be fairly committed to it. Only the strong survived Saturday night. I personally never wanted it to end because it was so quiet and magical. It did end, though, and now there's slush. Muah muah.

* Last night I stopped by the big Bar D'o anniversary gig at Indochine, featuring performances by Sherry Vine, Raven O, and Joey Arias. It was very old school and I ran into Patrick McDonald from Launch My Line looking very dandy! I guess that's no surprise since he IS an honest to goodness dandy himself. 

* I cannot say enough about Alicia Keys' solo version of Empire State of Mind (she's billing it as "Part 2"). It is SO BEAUTIFUL. Cannot wait for the remixes and I just can't stop listening to it.  Download both this version and the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys version and you'll be really happy. I PROMISE.

OK, I have to go clean this pig sty.

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