My Friends

My Friends

Andy Cohen ponders security and John McCain.

It's a really dramatic "Runway" tonight. I can't believe we're wrapping up our fifth season. I'm a nostalgic guy. Thanks to Christian Siriano for hosting tonight's after-show while I am in Temple atoning for my (short list of) sins.

The election. Is getting upsetting, crazy, and dangerous. I was glad that after the last few days of that mudslinging Hockey Mom, the debate was actually mellow. Here's what, "my friends". McCain just seemed like a really old man to me. And the format was like a "Watch What Happens" special in old fogey slomo.

And as far as I can tell everyone I know wound up playing the "my friends" drinking game, making them drunk halfway through. I was not watching the debate live.

I was at the Broadhurst Theater watching "Equus" featuring Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliff is nudie and sporting dramatic bush for much of the second act. He was good.

I was with folks who were meant to go back to say hi to him after the show, but I wound up being roughed up by his security detail backstage because I was not on their list.

The security detail of Daniel Radcliffe. I love him but why exactly does he need a security detail again? For that matter, I saw a picture of Victoria Beckham at the mall being trailed by a security guard. Who is trying to get to her again?? I might think people are trying to get AWAY?

I spent some time with Tony Blair this summer and he has less security than Posh Spice! And OK so why does J-Lo travel with security? NOBODY IS TRYING TO GET TO YOU, PEOPLE!

While I am on a rampage, has anyone seen the pictures of Nicole Kidman in ELLE? What has happened there exactly?

We got stuck in Madonna traffic on the way home. She needs security.

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