Music's Biggest Night?

Music's Biggest Night?

Andy Cohen doesn't necessarily seem to think so. He explains...

Good morning everybody. I'm getting the hell out of Los Angeles this morning and I'm already late so this is going to be a quickie.

We taped the O.C. reunion on Saturday until 9 at night. It was really long, exhausting and full of drama. Oh and everybody seemed to be wearing purple. We shot at Hollywood Center Studios and our lunch break was on the stage where I Love Lucy was shot. That was really exciting and the highlight of the day (besides the obvious fun with the ladies.) It's going to be a great show. 

Speaking of drama, tonight is the premiere of Kell on Earth. The show is fantastic and pulls the veil off the business of fashion PR thanks to Kelly Cutrone and her team of misfits. She's a perfect Bravo character — opinionated, driven, larger than life, funny, sometimes harsh, and very successful. You won't always agree with her, but she's fun to watch. Let me know what you think of the show.

OK so can I vent a wee bit about The Grammys? I loved Gaga and Pink and Beyonce, but the Grammys made some fatal errors this year. The first was hiring someone who could not see very well to direct the show. He missed so many shots (Pink getting dunked in water?) that half the time you didn't know what was happening.  

Then they decided to humiliate the legendary Stevie Knicks by making her sing that suck-ass song with Taylor Swift. Stevie looked like a prisoner of war! I felt horrible for her. 

Then they paid tribute to one of the greatest pop stars in the history of the Grammys by having a group karaoke rendition of "Earth Song" In 3D. With Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion?  (Thankfully Smokey Robinson was there — he had a connection.) THAT'S how the Grammys pay tribute to Michael Jackson? I kept saying "This is IT?" I like "Earth Song" but it seems like MJ was bigger than that one song, and like they could have come up with something better with about 12 minutes of thought.

And then they trotted out his kids to accept a fake triple lifetime achievement award or whatever. Let them grieve in peace, people. The whole thing was not befitting what is billed as "Music's Biggest Night."

I have to go pack. Have a great day.


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