Monday Is For The Children

Monday Is For The Children

Andy Cohen recovers from Fashion Week.

It is a beautiful day in New York City! I am glad last week is in the rearview mirror. As much as I love fashion week, it is a whole lotta drama. We were all really happy with how Friday's "Project Runway" finale went. Tim stepped into J-Lo's (twisted ankled?) shoes beautifully and it all went without a hitch.

The wrap party Friday night was packed and loud and included Runway alum from all seasons. It was Santino, Jay, Nick, Malan, Kevin and a ton more. Wesley with there with Daniel and his Mom, which was cute. I brought Ricki Lake, who is a big Runway fan. She and Terri went deep.

Saturday Afternoon I took part in a panel discussion about Bravo at the NY Television Festival. I was joined by "Rachel Zoe" Executive Producer Charlie Corwin, Gail Simmons, Tabatha Coffey, and "Runway" co-Executive Producer Michael Rucker. I can't see Tabatha without saying 'I'm taking over'. (She finds this about as funny as burnt toast, and I don't blame her.) We talked about all things Bravo to a mildly enthused bunch.

To the woman who spoke to me on my way out about how she might go about getting sponsorships to your cooking show: send me an email and we can talk more - I had to run and didn't have time to digest your questions.

After the panel, it was off to a Gayby Shower for my friend Michael, who is due any day. This was my second gayby shower in a year, so they're not exactly every-weekend activities for me, but this whole thing does seem to becoming a teeny bit more commonplace. And until Vice President Palin has the gays quarantined, I think we should continue to have them. The difference, by the way, between a baby shower and a gayby shower is simply that gayby showers are held at night, there are many more cocktails, and the presents are reserved for those very good friends who make it to the bitter end of the night. The great writer Kevin Sessums reported to me at the gayby shower that he'd been out of the city all summer and that on his very first day back was having a lovely lunch outside when a man walked by with a PARAKEET ON HIS SHOULDER... What is HAPPENING??

Sometime during the aftermath of J-Lo's cancellation on Thursday, I ran down to say hey to Amy Sedaris in her dressing room at 'Conan'. She was getting ready for a prop-filled segment to promote her funny Nickelodeon movie "Gym Teacher". She had a Netty Pot, which you use to pour water in one nostril that then comes out your other. She demonstrated it on the show and then Conan tried it. If you didn't see it, find it online.

And finally, I have been meaning to ask why someone thought that remaking "The Women" was a great idea. I missed the NYT bloodbath review on Friday, but are we surprised that it stinks? My parents, who I have never known to walk out on a film, walked out after 10 minutes. Rewatch the original!

CAB REPORT: What do you get when you combine NPR, legroom, and a lead foot? Cab 4P61! The fare was $10 and he got $12.

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