Monday is for Lovers

Monday is for Lovers

Andy Cohen offers an alternative to Perez Hilton's posting of naked photos of Dustin Lance Black.

Don't forget that all week a different Housewife is co-hosting the 10 a.m. hour of TODAY with Hoda (Kathie Lee is on vacay, ya know?) every day this week. It all began today with Bethenny, and she did a fantastic job. Tomorrow is New Jersey's Danielle followed by Nene and then Tamra. It's kinda must-see TV because you don't know what the hell they're going to say or do. But ain't that always the way?

Did you see Spencer and Heidi on TODAY this morning (at 8:19 to be exact)? They were hateful and Al did his best to call them out on being loser idiots. What will they do next? If you answered "go away," you are incorrect.

On Friday, Perez Hilton printed nudie pics of Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black under the guise of his warning "Don't ever take nude pics or they'll get printed."  While it is good advice, was there a need to actually publish the pics?

How nice for the gays to support each other so beautifully. WHERE IS THE LINE? I guess it just doesn't exist.

Here's a pic I have been dying to print for the last few weeks:

I walk by this advert for Aretha in front of Radio City every morning and it makes me chuckle.  Aretha is simultaneously giving us: coy, surprised, playful, and Lady Soul. Why didn't Perez print THIS pic???

Have a great day. I am so swamped I have to go.

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