Andy Cohen recounts his weekend in the Hamptons.

The Hamptons was fantastic this weekend. Nothing really amazing happened, but I deemed the water "warm" enough for ocean frolicking and it was just great being there.

Saturday night was a benefit for God's Love We Deliver at the Bridgehampton beachfront home of Elie Tahari. It was quite a pad. Our "Top Design" team was out in force, Margaret Russell was an hourglass bombshell in stripes and A-list Award designer (and TD head judge) Jonathan Adler was a dreamy dream with Simon Doonan.

The talk everywhere was Tim Russert and there's nothing I can add to that discussion that you haven't heard better said elsewhere. I am personally amazed by how he was able to flawlessly run a bureau while hosting shows and providing on-air commentary. He was so connected, SO smart, and made doing two HUGE jobs look easy. It rained on Sunday so I took in some Russert memorials, got caught up on a lot of cuts of Bravo shows, and read on Drudge that Bush said he wants to get Bin Laden before he leaves office. Oh hey, why the rush, buddy? Why NOW?

People keep coming up to me asking how it feels to be forty. I don't really know but I have talked about it so much that I think maybe it feels not so amazing. The other day my regular check out lady at my lunch deli said she hadn't seen me in a long time and wondered how I'd been spending my time. I told her I was very busy turning 40. "Oh," she said. "You look forty." Thanks, Deli Lady! Serve it to me straight!

Last night I took my forty year old ass to Ono at the Gansevoort Hotel for their weekly outdoor party called I Don't Know What, but it was super FUN. Today are the Peabody Awards and we will all be there in force as "Project Runway" is honored.

CAB REPORT: I actually drove to work today because I like to park near my house on Sunday nights. You know that :30 after you start your vehicle and you are slowly driving down the block without your seatbelt on? The "gettin' situated" period? Apparently the fuzz don't ascribe to that being a real grace period, at least that's what the NYPD who gave me a ticky for no belty said...

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