Andy enjoys the last days of Florent.

This weekend was my last before the whole Hamptons thing starts and it was a supersized blast of TCB'in it for moi. I did a lot of screening of "Flipping Out" and development reels and watched several episodes of a top secret Bravo show that's gonna take everyone by surprise. I had the pleasure of a Saturday haircut, which meant I could listen to Tonee without checking my blackberry the whole time. And I paid militant attention to his verbal offerings for the duration of the cut.

As you know, Tonee is the one HairMaster on the island of Manhattan that hates Madonna. He brakes for Mariah and Cher, but he really just can't with Madge. So we talked about that a lot. I asked, "Yeah but you love '4 Minutes to Save the World', right??". "I only like Justin's part. I know it is controversial," he said.

We agreed to disagree! And then we started talking about gay marriage and he said he got very emotional about Ellen saying that she and Portia are going to get married. He was telling me that he does a lot of wedding hair over the weekends and that sometimes, rarely even, he gets silently pissed off spending 10 hour chunks being the ultimate wedding cheerleader when he doesn't have the same right. I was moved and see a potential Logo movie. Tonee made me see that it really is an amazing thing that a hugely beloved syndicated funnylady talk show host is on national television getting big applause for finally having the right to marry. So I am onboard the Ellen and Portia wedding train and this is a big moment in time.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday morning the way I spend every weekend city morning, at Florent. Yesterday I was sitting there at the counter with my longtermlover (me) thinking that this was just about my last breakfast in the joint before it closes down on Gay Pride Day at the end of June. You will remember that Florent, the man largely responsible for making the meatpacking district a hotspot years ago, has lost his lease.


Here is the joint and, no, I don't know where the L is in 'Florent'. There's a sign inside that says "lost our lease, everything must Flo", which is very Florent. He has been big on Flo-puns since forever and they never cease to charm my innards. I am getting really depressed about this whole thing. It is just a nice place to go for all these years and the music is so good and the people so friendly and there is a groove there that cannot be replicated.

As I was walking home from Florent I stumbled upon this group of angry vegans:


I don't have a clue what they were angry about, but they were protesting bigtime. They couldn't be protesting the meat industry because there ain't no meat industry in the Meatpacking district any more. So that's kind of funny! I like it when vegans are not chanting, but I am happy they were able to protest.

I also walked by Catherine Malandrino's store and had to take a picture of her logo.


I love it because it is the Mary Tyler Moore font.

CAB REPORT: At the end of my ride in Cab #2L20, I realized I only had 9 dollars - four short for my morning commute! So for the very first time I paid by credit card. It was very easy. The cab is lovely, though Jaffri Hyder likes to blast his BBC world report and the TV in the back does not respond too well to repeated attempts at turning it off. All that aside, I enjoyed Jaffri's vibe and ease behind the wheel.

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