MJ Noise and Gays

MJ Noise and Gays

Andy shares his fave MJ tunes and pics from the NYC Pride Parade.

The Michael Jackson hysteria continues and there are two ways to divide it - there's the noise and the truth.

The noise is Larry King drooling on TV -- 3 hours after Jackson's been pronounced dead -- about how this is going to be an even bigger story than "Anna Maria." He meant Anna Nicole, but his sad analogy was actually a window into the next looooong media cycle. I am afraid we'll have suspenderman speculating about MJ minutia for 18 months, or at least until the news nets discover the next abducted little aryan girl to obsess.

And just blah blah blah to all the Jackson coverage. Nobody's saying anything we didn't already know except Lisa Marie Presley (in her blog) and Michael's nanny (to the London Times). And the real picture that's been painted is that he was a sad screwed up dude who is quite potentially better off at peace. And that's why I say it's all NOISE - not gonna buy any of us anything.

The truth is the music. And so I turned off the news garbage and turned on WKTU, MTV, and Vh1 who all actually played wall to wall MJ songs and videos. There's no better way to remember him than by just getting into the music. And my current MJ top 3 are "Can You Feel It," "Blame it on the Boogie." and "Man in the Mirror." They make me smile and emote. The only 2 things - besides videos - that I want to see on TV are that doc about the making of "We are the World" and that live ABC special Oprah did. I wonder where those are. That "We are the World" video is a TRIP btw, if you haven't seen it in a while.

By the way, what was with Alessandra Stanley's "Appreciation" of Farrah in the New York Times last Friday? It was actually MEAN. She kept repeating over and over that it wasn't so much what Farrah DID, it's what she TRIED to do...and that she just kept TRYING. Yo Alessandra, why didn't you TRY to write kind of a NICE piece about a beloved dead lady?

Last Friday was the final collection showing of "The Fashion Show" and I will clue you in on that domani, ok? In the meantime I had a great beachy weekend and then hightailed it to town to attend the parade of gays with Bruce and his daughter yesterday and here's some of what I saw.....

I was swarmed at one point by 4 incarnations of Drag Madonnas....


And here are the Madonna's from the back. Which is their better side, do you think?


In the "strange and unusual" department we find a half-drag holding an effigy of Bernie Madoff.... What does that mean? (And I am obsessed with Ruth taking the subway and not being able to find a building that will let her move in. Don't STEAL, Ruthie - see where it gets you!?)


Every sect of gay was there: Gays for Peace, Gay Parents, Gaytalians, Gayraeli's, Lactose Intolerant Gays....but one of the best floats we saw for pure energy and fun (besides Marissa Jaret Winokur dancing her ass off) belonged to the Peruvian gays... This foto doesn't quite convey their magic Peruvian ways....


Hey my rabbi is somewhere in the middle of this pack! (For real...)


In order to get us lathered up for her new album, they were giving Whitney fans, to fans of Whitney! I carried 3 around and then lost them all. Glad I took a pic tho...


After the parade we wandered around the village. We spent time at the Standard, the Gansevoort, and the Maritime - which seems funny in the light of day because they're all hotels. Here's a pic of the shenanigans going on at the Soho House, taken from the Gansevoort roof...


More tomorrow...


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