Miami Vice

Miami Vice

Andy Cohen gives a brief glimpse into his Miami vacay.

ALERT: New Shear Genius tonight. There are only four stylists remaining and three of them hate Brig. It's drama.

I just returned from Miami where there's a very high amount of men who are jacked to hell on steroids. And there are tattoos everywhere. And seeing the tatts make me never ever want to go near one. They are not the hot kind; they're the whore kind. And all I can do is picture what these people are going to look like fat and wrinkley with trampy tattoos all over themselves. Who is going to think that is hot? Is that worth it? And when the steroids are gone, what happens to the body?

By the way I also saw bucketloads of beautiful people. I do mean bucketloads of them. 

And so we stayed at the Delano, where we have been staying on and off since '95 or whenever it opened. And the truth is that I thought it would be horrible and have gone to seed, but the place holds up. And its just plain FUN.

Little did we know but it was the Miami Winter Music Festival weekend and there was blaring bass techno making all of my veins shake coming from every direction. I guess the core of our problem was that none of us were particularly on, or looking to be on, ecstasy. So the music festival did not entirely seem like a festival, although we appreciated the sentiment.

The other night I saw The Cleveland Show for the first time, and also Ricky Gervais' new animated thing on HBO and I loooved them both.

Also, did you see Raquel Welch on Oprah yesterday? It was very boring but she looked incredible and Oprah was amazing as usual, very engaged and selling the hell out of Rocky's book even though it is clear that she says nothing in it and it might actually be more of a pamphlet. (All of the page numbers Oprah was mentioning were LOW: "on page 25 you say this...". "On page 45 you write..."). Literally page 45 is the highest that Oprah quoted before I turned it off.

Have a great day.


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