Meat in a Funny Sandwich

Meat in a Funny Sandwich

Andy Cohen wakes up from a good night's sleep to talk about Tracey Ullman, Oprah, and more.

That's what I was last night — meat in between Kristen Johnston and Tracey Ullman. Tracey not only impersonated Snookie, but she did a mean Tabatha Coffey, who she LOVES. Tracey is also a big Shear Genius fan and kept saying "6 days til Shear Genius! 6 days til
Shear Genius!"

So last night was a whole lotta funny (posting clips in a few hours), and Lynne called in to share some insight into her Lynnecident on the show. She said she was just a little bit drunk, but 78 percent of our viewers thought she was on something. I love a poll.

After the show, fellow Bravo-er and producer Eli made me go home because he could see that I was spent. This morning I am starting to think he saved my life. Thanks, Eli! I slept seven straight hours.

I can't believe that I am en route to JFK this morning to head back to Los Angeles. The only good thing about the six hours in the air is that MAYBE I'll finish my work in time to read some Game Change, which is my candy. There's no rest for the wicked, the O.C. reunion waits for no
one! We will be shooting alllllll daaaaaaay, and into the night, tomorrow. It should be a DOOZY.  Lots to cover. The remaining episodes of O.C. are some of my favorites in five seasons. They go DEEP.

I talked a little about this last night, but I have been obsessed with Oprah all week. First of all, I thought Rosie was fantastic. Very introspective, clear, relatable, and self-deprecating. She reminded us all why we've loved her at one time or another. Oprah was on her game too with Rosie. I will not suffer Ted Haggard and I hate that Oprah keeps giving him a forum to talk about being cured from homosexuality. I guess I should feel sorry for him and his (poor) wife.  The Jay Leno interview yesterday was fantastic.

OK I have to go pack.


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