Mazel, Chastity

Mazel, Chastity

Andy Cohen talks 'Real' kids, Top Chef Masters, and delicious dining.

Good morning everybody. It's a humid rainbox here, so that's fun.

I thought the intern/Vicki video was amusing, but it begs some followup. First of all, we need to discuss Anthony's shooting style. He is very tall and occasionally favors the "from above" style that accentuates simply fitting everyone in the shot vs seeing their faces. We have discussed and look forward to new camera angles soon, and let's all (note to self) keep in mind that Anthony's day job is not "director." Cheers, Anthony!

So the remaining question is whether Brianna left NYC having made a love connection with either Bravo intern (and great sport) Josh or "Real Kid of NJ" Albie. The answer is that Brianna is still single and nobody got hurt.

Many people commented yesterday having watched "Top Chef Masters" and wondering where Tom and Padma were. The answer is that they are in "Top Chef"-land but will appear on TCM. Tom is actually a producer of the show and was very involved in its development and execution. We purposefully morphed Judge's Table into a Critic's Table because chefs do not love judging their colleagues, and it seemed like the logical move. It also allowed us to devise a transparent star-system, which is familiar turf for our critics.

Speaking of food (and I kind of was), if you haven't been to Minetta Tavern then you're going to want to. Order either the roasted chicken or cote du boeuf. I promise.

This blog stinks. I have work to do! Have a good weekend.


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