Master of My Domain

Master of My Domain

Andy Cohen has a special visitor in his office .... It's Kelly Choi!

Well there's a lot to discuss PLUS a brand new video to share ...

First of all, how'd you like Housewives last night? Albie and Christopher Manzo stopped by my office yesterday and they are fantastic kids — a great reflection of their mama.

Secondly, there was a wee bit of an uprising in comments yesterday inferring that I am not in camp Kathy. Here's what: I love that hilarious lady and actually was her date last night to a UJA tribute to NBC Universal honcho Jeff Zucker. Kathy roasted Jeff and in the process made fun of my crossed eyes. (Something about the Housewives never knowing which way I'm looking because of my crazy eyes.). So that was hilarity in motion for me, and I was flattered. Jimmy Fallon also paid tribute to Mr. Zucker and was equally hilarious. And the big news is that Kathy is returning to Letterman tonight after a 12 YEAR ban. Who's not going to watch THAT? I can't remember your other KG/AC grousing but Iove her is the answer.  

Thirdly, tonight is the premiere of Top Chef Masters and the critics are kvelling! They love it, but I am quite dying for y'all to weigh in. Let's welcome host Kelly Choi to Bravo, shall we?

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