Marry Me, Todd Palin

Marry Me, Todd Palin

Andy Cohen goes behind-the-scenes in the Today show greenroom.

I am in a horrible rush this morning. I just got to my desk and I am already behind, so I'm going to speedblog ...

Last night was the premiere of Management starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn. It's a quirky little rom-com that Amanda and I loved. It was supercute, and so were its stars who were there along with a gaggle of beauties like Polo stud Nacho Figueras, Kelly Klein, Dan Abrams, Tom Filicia, THE FASHION SHOW stars Fern Mallis and Harper's Bazaar diva Laura Brown. You're gonna love those ladies on Thursday night, is all I am saying! There were tons of other people there too but those are the only people I chatted with.

The party after was a teeny bit crowded and so Amanda and I went to Beige for dinner, which did not disappoint. I feel badly today because I got overexcited when "The Boss" came on and playfully threw some oranges at someone who did not get my playful vibe. Sorry!

Uptown, Time magazine's 100 most influential people of the year were all together forming a crazypowerful superunion of brains and brawn at the Time Warner Center. I'm talking Michelle Obama and Oprah and the cream of the crop. And, hey, guess what? That list includes our fearless leader Lauren Zalaznick! She's number No. 29! So props to her; we are all very impressed around the office and waiting for her to get in so we can find out her what her Oprah talking points were.

This morning I was at the TODAY show bright and early to say hi to THE FASHION SHOW host Isaac Mizrahi. The green room was ABUZZ.  It was Bristol Palin, her baby (is it alive? is it asleep? is it a doll?), and her hot daddy Todd Palin. Todd does not realize it, but he just might be the future Mrs. Cohen! (Do NOT tell Todd this yet because he doesn't know and I haven't figured out how I am going to jump the several hurdles between us.)

Oh and Martha Stewart was down there in the greenroom and she was really funny and witty and throwing out the barbs. She wrote the piece celebrating Lauren in TIME and was saying that Lauren sent her "a pillow" as a thank you. And the way that she said "a pillow" made me think she loved that pillow. And then later I was thinking maybe she did not care for "a pillow" and that she was not saying it how I heard it. I actually think she DID like it because Lauren has great taste and so does Matty, of course.

We were Isaac's posse and hanging out with him before he made a big entrance onto the plaza with Meredith, Matt and Al, who were all gabbing him up and sweet in the hallway.  There were many kudos flying around about Meredith's Burberry coat. and here's a pic I took of the whole affair:

There's a great feature about THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY on the cover of the New York Times Arts section today and I say something stupid (no surprise) about "really really smart people" watching the show. And so Andy's Blog Reader CHRIS e-mailed me this morning: "Really really smart people watch your show? When the very very smart join in, you’ll really really have it made.You are a moron."

HAHA and LOL to YOU Chris. You really did make me LOL. And Chris, check out Make Me A Supermodel tonight because you'll be interested to know that Branden cuts his testes while doing some manscaping! For real, that happens.

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