Madonna Monday

Madonna Monday

Andy Cohen on Madonna, Mary J. Blige, and OJ Simpson.

Tonight is opening night of Madonna at Madison Square Garden. She's playing all week so it's nice to know she's a few blocks away singing and dancing. We got great seats for tonight and I believe we are a few rows away from Tabatha, so that's very Bravo.

There's a review in the Times today that looks bad, but I'm not reading it until tomorrow. One of the two (within a block of each other) West Village fancy chocolate places closed recently and here's what's in the window:



It's a poster of Barack, and one of "Eight is Enough" cutie Adam Rich. Ummmmm... I don't completely get the connection, but I love it!

Side Note: who didn't want to be Adam Rich and have all those amazing older siblings?

What else....

** We went to see Robin Thicke and Mary J. Blige at Radio City on Friday night. Mary puts on a SHOW. There is a REASON that she is the Queen of Hip Hop and Soul, everybody! She has way more hits than I realized. Put your hands up!

** We stopped into the burger place buried in the Parker Meridien Hotel; have you heard of this secret nook? It is paradise! I will say no more about it, you just have to find it for yourself.

** OJ is done finally. Do you think he subconsciously was ready to serve his time for the murders?

** I saw Tina Fey in front of Radio City this morning on my way to work. She was shooting "30 Rock" with a little person. She is becoming the queen of New York.

** Only two more weeks of "Project Runway" left! The finale is spectacular. What a great way to cap five seasons of fab.

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