Andy Cohen tries to marry off Tim Gunn.

Tonight on "Project Runway" you will all meet a little lady named Maddie who has stolen my heart. She's a pistol. Watch what happens with Maddie.

Tim Gunn mentioned on "Ellen" yesterday that I told him three years ago that I would find him a boyfriend in a year, but that he's still single. Here's what, I am not taking sole responsibility for this. The guy is the most eligible man in NYC but he is very busy and he is too content being single. Can we all make a pact that we will marry this Prince off in '08?

I want to sit him down like he does on "Guide to Style" and make a contract with him... Tell him the process is going to be really emotional and deep and make sure he's committed. And then, wait a minute... Would it be a horrible idea to do a show finding a husband for Sir Tim???? I am IN! You are (probably) IN! I don't know if we'll be able to lock Tim down for this one but I love the idea. Who said these rambly blogs weren't good for something. It's called BRAINSTORMING, people!

Darling Daniel V is quoted in New York Magazine as saying he thought the candy challenge was gimmicky. I emailed him and asked if making dresses out of candy was not on par with challenge #7 of season 2 entitled "Flower Power". You know the one... the one that Daniel V won. He emailed back and said he was a victim of New York Magazine's misquoting machine. I believe DV. And I love him.

Last night, between superexciting cuts of "Make Me a Supermodel" I watched the superexciting election. At some point I made the sad mistake of flipping over to CBS and the People's Choice Awards. With Queen Latifah on tape in a studio presenting awards to people who accepted on other tapes, the awards were actually more depressing than even, well, the People's Choice Awards themselves! Literally a wrist slitter. They were as depressing as the :30 preview of the Joey Buttafuoco sex tape I watched yesterday. Seriously, the two were on the same level. And by the way, I understand how the "People's Choice Awards" is in it's current sad state but who do we blame for the two biggest dregs of the early 90's thinking that sex tapes are their next viable step? I don't need to SEE that!

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