Madonna reads a bedtime story to Andy in his pajamas? Read on.


Last night Graciela and I celebrated the release of HARD CANDY at an exclusive concert given by Herself at Roseland. It was like a mini-stadium show in a club that threw us into another stratosphere. You will naturally recall that every few years, Madonna puts out a CD and does some special events to promote her latest reinvention. The woman doesn't screw around and there's a reason she's 50 and still Madonna. (As opposed to, say, Britney who is not yet 30 and crazy.)

For "Bedtime Story" Bruce and I went to Webster Hall in our pajamas (the invite said to wear them) while Madonna read a bedtime story to 1000 hopped up homos. I don't remember much more about the night and had forgotten it entirely until Graciela reminded me.

For "Ray of Light" Bruce was at the Roxy where she did a couple songs on Valentine's Day while I was across town at Sandra Bernhard's show with my then-Valentine. There was still some residual Sandra versus Madonna energy going around so even though we weren't with M we felt close to the action. When Sandra rolled her eyes and mentioned the Roxy, everyone got going and felt a little better about not being at the real show.

For "American Life" I actually won a contest on to go to an exclusive Madonna concert at MTV studios. Only a few years ago, grey haired me stood screaming and cross-eyed next to Carson Daly like a retarded lost not-teenager.

For "Confessions", I don't remember where the hell I was but I made it up by being a groupie of that tour. So last night, the crammed crowd of 2200 (apparently people had slept in front of Roseland for tickets) was insane for the hour ramp up to the lady, which consisted of a DJ onstage spinning. Rosie O'Donnell showed up and the crowd cheered. Some lady held up a Madonna license plate and the crowd cheered. The DJ started playing songs with "Candy" in the title and the crowd went crazy. The lights went off and that lady appeared behind a video screen on a throne singing "Candy Shop". From then it was 38 minutes of awesome as she and her dancers blew the lid off the place in what I would assume to be a preview of her tour which begins in August. For "4 Minutes to Save the World" - which suddenly is an anthem in my book - she was joined by Justin Timberlake and the crowd rushed the stage. She went into a punk version of "Hung Up" (which grac loved and I didn't) the UNBELIEVABLE and Amazing "Give It 2 Me", "Miles Away" and she closed it all out with "Music".

We freaked out top to bottom and the concert powered what turned out to be a long and involved rest of the evening in which we somehow managed to run into various members of that Roseland Crowd who'd fanned out all over town. Oh and did I tell you that Graciela had on Madge-ras (madras) for Mad-onna? Here she is during our pre-show chill out at Duane Reade:


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