Lynne Spears For Vp!

Lynne Spears For Vp!

Andy Cohen reveals his political leanings.

Why did McCain pass over Lynn Spears for Vice President?!?!? She is the proud mother of an adorable teenage baby mama, an author, she knows as much about the job description of VP as most Moms in Alaska, and she has frosty tips! I am rankled when someone like Lynn Spears clearly meets Senator McCain's qualifications and is summarily passed over. I just don't get it. Actually I think both belong more in the Big Brother House than the White House.

And I am sorry to blast about politics; I know that no one gives a crap what I think about actual news, but I am so bemused and confused about what's going on that I am more obsessed with this than anything else. And I'm pissed that Bush and Cheney are skipping the convention.


** Christian did an amazing job guest-hosting the Runway after-show last Wednesday night. Thanks Christian!

** Greece was great and the summer is ov-ah. I am in a foul state about that fact, are you? I got back Saturday and went straight out to the beach for a few more swims in the ocean and some Chinese Chicken Salad at the Perskys. By yesterday afternoon the Hamptons seemed like a ghost town. It was great!

** I caught up on BB10 last night. Wow those people are so dumb but I am obsessed with Renny! She's smarter than the veep pick, is all I'm saying...

** I finally have several great reasons to watch "Dancing With the Stars"! Lance! La Looch! Rocco! Cloris! I don't know where to turn first!

** My heart is not in the blog today; I have way too much work to do. There's a new "Million Dollar Listing" tonight... It is a good one.

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