Low Level Depression

Low Level Depression

Andy Cohen attends the opening party of Monkey Bar and wants to hear your thoughts on the A-List Awards.

I need your thoughts on those damn awards last night, people! Lay it on me: good, bad, and ugly. There's a new Matchmaker tonight and I do hope you saw the debut of Patti's longtime beau "Andy" on the A-List red carpet show. She's been keeping him under wraps for too long! (And his name IS Andy but I just enjoy putting it in quotes.)

Last night while the A-List Awards were on I was at the opening night party for the Monkey Bar, which is the beautiful hotspot I keep yammering about. The one that's been in the lobby of the Hotel Elysee since the 30s. The place steeped in NYC history, where Tennessee Williams died and Tallulla Bankhead lived. The spot that Graydon Carter and Jeff Klein have renovated and transformed.

So it was a who's who and what's what there for the official opening. Lots of suits and perfume and voddy and ego. Around 10, the amazing Anika Noni Rose got up and sang a few torchy songs like I'll Take Manhattan and it felt really nice sitting in the booth and listening. (Of course others took a Blackberry break, which I don't need the Countess' book to figure out ain't good manners!).

Thanks for your e-mails of concern about the hot water in my building. The truth is that it is restored, I am very clean, and this happens all the time in NYC because we are all constantly tested and taunted with the idea that our lives might be easier and cheaper elsewhere but we
have to be total assholes and stay put and suffer. So, yeah, thanks for the concern.

And after suffering comes beauty, today that takes the form of a stunning, clear, sundrenched spring day.  So thank you Jesus for the high five. To celebrate I am going to run out and get a new suit during lunch.

I am reading Liz Smith in Variety (I love Liz) this morning and she mentions that at the Grey Gardens I took in stride a comment to me about hating the Housewives and reality TV, and a question about what I would do if I ran into Erik McCoramack.  I thought they were asking me that because I wrote a few months ago that I thought he was a loser and the weakest link on Will and Grace; I thought this questioner was amazing for remembering the nonsense I'd written in this blog. 

Turns out he was referring not to this nonsensical blog, but to a letter that McCormack wrote to EMMY magazine in a total fury about their putting the NYC Housewives on their cover. He wrote "Usually when I pass my Emmy on the mantle, it gives me a warm feeling, makes me think about what I've achieved in this business. But today? It just ... kinda looks like a joke." 

Maybe THAT was actually a mistake, too?

CAB REPORT: Ermais "3J22" Yibbsa has a fascinating ringtone that is somewhat emblematic of Ermais himself. Is it melodic? No. Is he? Well, no. Is it grating? Yes! Is he? Kinda! Did it get my attention? Yes! Did he? Kinda! Oh Ermais, don't speak to me through your ringtone ... I can't read your SIGNALS anymore. I'm a man. You're a man. Let's just be men together. And communicate. It was otherwise a smooth ride.

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