Love Me, God!

Love Me, God!

Andy Cohen reacts to Joel Osteen's comment about homosexuals on 'The View.'

TONIGHT is big on Bravo. It's Part 2 of the Atlanta reunion, featuring Kim's performance of "Tardy for the Party" and lots of other laughs. Then buckle up for the premiere of Season FIVE of The Real Housewives of Orange County! THEN I am live with Gretchen and Tabs and Kim
Zolciak at midnight. 

I'm exhausted already.

I can't believe that Joel Osteen went on The View and said that homosexuality "isn't God's best." As pissed as I was about this Maine thing, this further whipped me into a lather. What would people be saying if he said that about fat people or black people or Italians? I kinda thought God loved everybody, but maybe I'm an old simpleton from another era and I should check out his rankings of where everybody stands. 

Where does Joel Osteen rank Lady Gaga on God's List? How about Jeana Keough? Susan Lucci? Roberta Flack? Zoila?? 

I had a great lunch at the Monkey Bar (lunch is always great there) yesterday with Isaac Mizrahi. He is a hilarious joy to be around. So who is at the table next to us but Ms. Star Jones, who I found myself in a tweet war with a few weeks back after I tweeted about her weave in
that very same restaurant. So we're all made up now and she has a great sense of humor.  And she said I don't know a thing about her hair because I haven't run my hands through it. And I didn't take that as an invitation but I would gladly do so.

I just got into work and I have three Housewives on my phone sheet. It's going to be a long day...

CAB REPORT: the debate every morning is whether to take 8th Ave or 6th Ave, and it's a maddening one because there's just no right answer. I found out this morning that Matthew Broderick believes that 6th Avenue is absolutely better and that this particular equation is called "the 6th avenune anomoly." So now I gotta tell my cab driver — he'll be thrilled.


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