Love Hangover

Love Hangover

Andy Cohen gives his review of Diana Ross at Radio City Music Hall.

onight on Bravo, I am live in the Clubhouse with Sarah Jessica Parker at 11, immediately following an explosive — and somewhat disturbing — episode of The Real Housewives of NYC. SJP has tonight's episode and will be all set to break the stuff down with you and me ... live.

Tomorrow night is my first pitch and I am worried I am now OVERCONFIDENT about it after one game of catch with Matthew Broderick last Thursday. I was supposed to throw a ball today after work but it's not happening, so I am just going to head to St. Louis tomorrow and pray I guess. Oy?

Last night was really awesome: a Diana Ross sellout at Radio City. It was almost two hours of nonstop hits, beginning with the diva being propelled from understage singing "The Boss," with six big dresses, tons of feathers and capes, lots of hair and diva poses, and many many ovations. Her voice sounds great; she looks fantastic.

The lady has been working a stage for almost 50 years, so her act is TIGHT. She knows WTF she is doing. Which of our current ladies will have that kind of staying power in 30 years??? Maybe Mariah? Certainly Beyonce.

We were with LA Reid, who is the coolest dude around. He's also incredibly fun and has an amazing resume and life. Afterwards we went to Nobo; it was a total SCENE. It was Magic Johnson and Denzel Washington and Lenny Kravitz and I don't even know who else but they were there.

I've got a lot of work to do before 11 p.m., so I will catch up with you then!

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