Living My Best Life

Living My Best Life

Andy Cohen is making the most of it. Why? Because Oprah said so!

It is a crap day all around, but Oprah and I are trying to live our Best Life, and nothing is going to bring us down.

I wake up to a total raindump. I want to sleep, but I am with Oprah and so I don't care about the rain. We're going to make do. The very best we can.

At the gym, where Oprah and I treadmill our asses off every morning, I almost puke seeing that TODAY relented and gave Ann Coulter a platform. It's cool, we said, and decided to give Ann a shot, to hear what she was saying and THEN decide. We decided she's a stupid flamethrowing shrew. No biggie for us, we're moving FORWARD. Hope won, Annie.

Over the last couple days I've been touched and hugged and pecked by people who subsequently tell me they're 'really sick'. And, oh great, when I get home from the gym I feel like balls! Oprah and I stop at the yoga/meditationporium on the way to the subway and buy doses and doses of GoldenSeal. We're gonna beat the germs. And the fat. Best Life!

On the subway platform, with soggy shoes and a wet stack of bills, I see that the Regis and Kelly ad had been further defaced. Some joker blacked out their entire faces! And Kelly's bouffant. I take a breath... and move further down the platform. Don't want to upset myself. Best Life.

Well imagine my deep sadness when I see that Bravo's own "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger is a victim of said joker's attack as well. It's a BRAND NEW ad. A perty one! And, I mean, she's family and all! How do I move past this?? I can't.

Ok 10 deep breaths and I am back on track and so is the Subway even on this crap day. And, look at me, I'm saving 15 bucks and a lotta hassle by taking the train. And I'm walking through the Rock Center Concourse looking down at my blackberry, typing this, and walk RIGHT SMACK into a sneeze. Awesome! Me and Oprah gots our GoldenSeal... I'm at my desk now and my feet are as sopping wet as Jessica Simpson's country music career. It's all good. Best Life, people! I am WITH The Program!

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