Live Again

Live Again

Andy Cohen comes out of Hamptons-induced bliss to talk about Bravo's big topics this week.

Is it possible that we have 10 more days left of summertime bliss before September sweeps us away like a tornado? I am trying to savor every moment, every page of a book and every drop of saltwater. So what that means is that I am trying to base myself in Sag Harbor as much as humanly possible for the next 10 days and schlep back into the city for 24-hour pit stops when I absolutely must. You cannot believe my stack of DVDs to recycle sitting in Sag. It's a big-ass trip down Bravo lane, rough cut after rough cut. We have great stuff ahead, I promise.

I'm heading into the city shortly to get ready for tonight's Watch What Happens Live featuring Lisa Wu Hartwell, her hot husband Ed, Brad "Rachel Zoe Project" Goreski, and Congressman Barney Frank. You heard me — Mr. Frank will be awake and chatting late-night with us. (And
I can't believe it.) Link to our Facebook page on the bottom of this blog and post your questions, OK?

Adding to my end of summer malaise, I am deeply saddened to have finished THE HELP by Katherine Socket. I want to re-read it, or talk about it, or watch the movie, or something.  (Oprah, pick it for your book club OK?) It's the story of a group of Mississippi maids in the
60s who work for a bunch of racist junior leaguers.  It is the easiest, most engaging read and I loved it.

My next book is going to be THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU by Jonathan Tropper, which EW called the read of the summer. We shall see.

I can't stop listening to the Whitney CD. I am really into "A Song For You." Her voice is definitely not where it was 10 years ago, but it is unmistakeable and rich and HER. And she is back. And Oprah is not going to let her off the hook, I just know it.

What did you think of last night's Top Chef? I loved that the bachelor/ette party challenge turned into a dialogue about gay marriage. That's reality for you; there's no predicting where the story is going to go. Is it me or could Ashley give up cooking to be a model? Am I crazy?  I got a lot of tweets last night asking if all the LadyChef contestants were LesbianChefs. The answer is no. Not ALL of them. A LOT of them.

Have a great day.

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