Liam Comes to Bravo

Liam Comes to Bravo

Andy Cohen sits down with the "massive" actor tonight on 'Watch What Happens Live'

It is going to be a really fun night in the Bravo Clubhouse because Sir Liam Neeson is coming to hang out and answer your questions in the one and only interview he's giving in support of his three movies in theaters right now. He's actually NOT a "Sir," but he should be, if only because he is a massive dude. We have some good stuff planned for him; this is going to be fun. (Incidentally, tonight's episode of RHNYC is yet another DOOZY.)

You all seem a little peeved about the winner of Shear Genius, based on the tweets I got last night. The winner is stopping by my office today and I'll shoot a videoblog if you want to post or tweet me some questions.  Also tonight at midnight, I'm announcing your fan favorite winner.  Will it be the same person?

Last night The Paley Center (NYC's incredible museum of TV) hosted a screening of the first episode of Bravo's next big competition series, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, followed by a panel discussion with the show's judges, host China Chow and producers, including Sarah Jessica Parker. The audience seemed to really love it and the discussion was lively. If we can get people invested in — and talking about — art, then we're good. (Last night we did, and we were!)

After the Paley Center we headed downtown to a dinner where I had a long chat with the delightful Jonny Weir. He is a PISTOL. And his body seems to be one big muscle. That's called being a figure skater, right??

I have a lot to do today so I shall get to it and see you at Midnight.

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