Killers are Not Hot

Killers are Not Hot

Andy Cohen contemplates his affinity for the craigslist killer.

Shoot — at the end of yesterday, I taped a viewer mail that woulda put me out of my blogging misery today. I just don't have anything to say, but we're having some posting issues so here I am in the back of a cab writing some very very random thoughts as life goes on around me:

Last night we went to the Monkey Bar, which is about 30 seconds away from being the new NYC hotspot in which it'll be impossible to get a reservation. It's Jeff Klein and Graydon Carter's temple of old school cool at the Hotel Elysee. It feels like an old NYC supper club with a dash of the Hollywood Regency vibe of the Sunset Tower combined with the clubby feel
of Waverly.    Throw in tables featuring Graydon and Tom Wolfe and Fran
Liebowitz and Jon Hamm and you get the vibe.

Today is beautiful in New York. Spring is here. I am leaving Monday for Los Angeles for a week, then Chicago and then St. Louis, gone for a total of two weeks and it kills me to miss a second of Spring in this glorious town. What can you do?

Is it very, very wrong to say the the alleged Satan-worshipping craigslist killer is white-hot? Literally, he should a been on Make Me a Supermodel. Oh I guess he wouldn't have passed psych testing but I love the lips. The lips of a killer. Oy. This is wrong. Killers are
not hot.

I suddenly have a "fan page" on Facebook. I love it and it's cool and crazy and weird, but what does one do on a "fan page?" Have meetings? I want two people who are "fans" to meet and fall in love and I will marry them, Maybe THAT'S what we'll do with the page. And in the meantime I'll get ordained online. At an online divinity school.

I wish I had been with it enough to follow the story of Kenley throwing a cat at her boyfriend. This was big news, yes? I am still obsessed with the fact that his last name was PENLEY and that — had she not allegedly thrown the cat at him and actually gotten married to him —
her name would've been Kenley Penley. I just like to say it, is all.

CAB REPORT: I had a Rastaman driver with the biggest smile listening to Air America with a bunch of Republicans calling in saying how stupid Obama is without a teleprompter. He and I were laughing because it seems like the LAST GUY was the one who couldn't talk without a prompter. Anyway the conversation on-air was just upsetting and he turned to ANOTHER talk radio station where it was even more upsetting. I asked rastadude (his name wasn't up on the tag) why he even listented to this mishmash instead of, say, Yellowman. "They like Bush. They like McCain. They are racist. I like to know where these people been — what they listen to? What they think, man," he said. He liked just hearing their opinions so he knew what the other side was saying. My mom does that, too. (By the way I thought the Obama prompter thing was really lame too).

Have a good weekend.

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