Kathie Lee Alert

Kathie Lee Alert

Andy enjoys Kathi Lee's morning pigtails and contemplates eating ice cream on the subway in the morning.

OK so before I get going, let me point out that Kathie Lee wore pigtails today. And a cowboy hat. On TV. 

That's funny!

Tonight begins the Championship Round on Top Chef Masters. It really starts getting intense now, as the format merges with the Top Chef model where one chef packs their knives every week. Watch for some amazing Top Chef cameos in the weeks to come.

I had some great Top Chef cameos yesterday myself, starting when I hopped down to the 6th floor to say hi to Tom Collichio in his dressing room at Jimmy Fallon. From what I could reckon (yes, I do reckon occasionally), P Diddy was late and so was the show. And guess which Bravolebrities were in the audience for Fallon? Laurie and George from OC.

Last night I went with Kristen Johnston to Harold Dieterlie's Perilla on Jones Street. It was great to see (a pencil-less) Harold and even better to enjoy his food. We had an amazing fried calamari salad, hamachi, and steak. De-lish! 

SUBWAY REPORT: This morning I saw something that gave me great cause for pause. Someone was eating an ice cream cone. On the subway.  his brings up two issues for me:

* Ice cream in the ayem?? Does this HAPPEN?? Is it ALLOWED? Is it LEGAL?
* I do not care for "open" food in the subway, where sneezes linger in the air and lyme grows freely.



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