Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter

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I don't know why this blog is titled "Karen Carpenter" — it just IS, OK?

It is a snowy morning in New York, with flakes the size of snowballs. They forecast a foot of snow. The last time that happened (10 days ago), we got about five inches. Oh look — now it's raining. Who knows....

Last night was the first of a few parties to celebrate the launch of Real Housewives of NYC at Tenjune in the Meatpacking District. It was great seeing some of the ladies (they weren't all able to make it) and I look forward to more. The awesome trailor for this season doesn't even do it justice. My eyes pop out of my head (and cross even further) every time I watch an episode.

After the bash, I met a friend from out of town at Gansevoort 69. You will (or probably won't) recall my mentioning that this place opened in the hallowed space that was home to Florent forever (before a greedy landlady put the kibosh on that NYC instituation.) So I was sitting in the new restaurant trying to explain to my friend what the space had meant to me when it became apparent that the only two other diners in the restaurant were Florent himself and one of his longtime waitresses. It was a karmic and cosmic reunion, and it made me feel like everything was right.

The space, incidentally is reworked really well though — it doesn't look like it's a smash hit.

When I got home, I hit the DVR to watch Andrew Young, the man who took the fall for John Edwards, on Oprah. I'd thought — based on pictures of him — that he was handsome. What I didn't realize is that the man has a hair system beyond all others. He's working a faux-Eddie Munster peak in front and there's a multitude of madness happening everywhere else. I almost could not look at him.

It was a great hour and Oprah's enthusiasm plus her amazing new (still all-natural) hairdo contributed to my enjoyment.

Tonight is a big Watch What Happens Live featuring the one and only Joan Rivers and the one and only Vicki Gunvalson. Whaaa?  

See you at midnight.


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