K Is For Kenley

K Is For Kenley

Andy Cohen's thoughts on Sarah Palin, Kenley, Vanity Fair, and more.

We had Tabatha and Suede on the After Show last night and all anybody really wanted to discuss was Kenley. She's a lightning rod hot topic: Dissing Tim! Sassing Nina! Eye rolling on the Runway! We played a game called "Hot or Freaking Disgusting" and we all agreed that Kenley is "hot".

I am mad for Tabatha and her show. There's a new episode tonight. I have a lot of random thoughts this morning...

** There is now WiFi on American Airlines, so I was instant messaging from LA to NYC yesterday. I like being able to read Drudge, but I'm still grateful that my BlackBerry doesn't work up there. I treat it like a rash when I am on a plane. Do. Not. Touch.

** Did you see Katie Couric's interview with Sarah Palin?? Sorry, but she's in way over her head and its no wonder the campaign is keeping her locked away from any kind of questions. There are so many amazing women out there who would be better suited for this job... Don't get me started on the accent.

** I am quite confident that this year the Oscars won't suck!! That's because producing the show will be "Dreamgirls" Writer/Director Bill Condon and Producer Laurence Mark. These two guys are smart and funny and they GET IT. So maybe there won't be a pointless montage about pointless montages, or a tribute to binoculars in film. I can't wait to see what they'll do. (Hey maybe they could produce the Emmy's, too?)

** the driver on the Hertz Bus yesterday was an enormous lady of color named "Beautiful". And she was!! I can't stop thinking of her. I hope I see her again.

** Ted McGinley is out of "Dancing With the Stars" but the headline for me is that I've never seen anybody want it as bad as La Looch. Not since Valerie Cherish has there been drama like this playing out before us! I am riveteted.

** I can't stop watching "Almost Famous".

** The current VANITY FAIR is fantastic. I am ready to bitchslap Brooke Astor's greedy son after reading details of his elderly abuse allegations. If half of it is true he and his darling wife Charlene should be forced to press Jessica Simpson CDs for their remaining years, or something else horrible... The profile of Rupert Murdoch is really enlightening and there's an LOL mock-up of what Rupert's FaceBook page might look like. Also check out the piece on Anne Hathaway's crook boyfriend, Annie Liebovitz' diaries, and the Marilyn story. It's just chock-full. I love that magazine.

CAB REPORT: Oy Vey. With the UN in town, Ahmed Halim and I buzzed nonstop about how horrible the traffic is. It was a very very boring convo! (But I was able to write a long blog because it took 4evah.)


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