Just Bea

Just Bea

Andy Cohen remembers Bea Arthur and reviews Matthew Broderick's new show 'The Philanthropist.'

Well the big news is that we have listened to all of your comments on the blog last week and I'm happy to say that you'll be getting more Housewives reunion than you bargained for. This will be over two nights (May 12 and 14) and you'll love it, so thanks in advance for your

Oh lord we have lost a TV great in Miss Beatrice Arthur. I remembered yesterday that I actually went to see her one woman Broadway show, which was so very bad. My favorite story involving Bea is Liza's tale of producing her appearance on Vh1's RuPaul Show back in the day. Liza brought in Esther Rolle to surprise Bea on the air and found out just before they taped that Esther hated Bea's guts. The segment is a beautiful trainwreck. 

It was summer in NYC this weekend. The gays were out in force in scanty bits, and I ran into about 300 Facebook friends on the street, most of whom I actually KNEW from the early '90s (around the time Liza was dealing with Bea and Esther). 

Saturday night was the 40th birthday party of a first class superstar and it was private so I can't blog about it, but there was a Madonna run-in and that was A+ (How could it be anything but?)

Last night was opening night of The Philanthropist starring the brilliant Matthew Broderick, Stephen Weber, and Jonathan Cake. It is a smart, funny play that takes place in the swinging '70s in England and features a hilarious, nuanced, subtle, witty, and ultimately vulerable
performance by Matthew Broderick. The audience was really into it and so were we. Go see that show! (Oh and if you missed it when Matthew stopped by the dorm room just before Christmas, watch that video now.)

The party was at B.B. King's and it was certainly the most white people that have ever been in B.B. King's, which is a fantastic venue by the way. And we sat in gum, which sucked, but I STILL like it there and will go see live music there.

I have so much work to do that I have to cut this fascinating romp through my brain off before I go further off the rails.

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