June is Bustin' Out All Over

June is Bustin' Out All Over

Almost birthday boy Andy Cohen talks about his fabulous weekend and risks his life to take pictures.

And, while I'm quoting showtunes: "Oh what a beautiful mornin' ." It is crazy-glorious here today.

Even President Obama got the bat signal that the shite is going down in NYC and it's time to get one's ass here, and how can you not be  as obsessed as everyone is with the Obama's date night? In the meantime, the Repubs are trying to figure out how much it cost the taxpayers. My fave pundit, Evelyn Cohen, points out that our great country paid the
bills for W to shlep to Crawford, Texas about every three days, and isn't that pretty much the same thing. Obama doesn't have a ranch in Texas so he goes to a Broadway show. Isn't this a similar deal where the Prez can do whatever the freak he wants?

The weekend in the Hamptons was a fantastic ramp-up to my birthday (tomorrow), with the Perskys kicking off celebrations as early as Friday. I can always count on the Perskys to kick it in for me, and they did so by not only serving deviled eggs (my fave) but Liza also made me
a red velvet cake. How'd I get so lucky?

The cocktail portion of the evening was put on hold for 20 minutes while I was on Air America with Lisa Birnbach, who was subbing for Ron Reagan. I loooove Lisa — so smart and funny and she reminds me of my friend Graciela. Anyway, Lisa had Caroline Manzo and I on to gab about the Housewives and I forgot to mention one of the great things that's come
out of the NJ Housewives: I am Facebook friends with Albie! What's more classic than that?

There are a few things I'll never be jaded about: the Perskys, devilled eggs, How great my job is, and driving into NYC from Long Island in a convertible. When you go over the little mini-hill towards the Midtown Tunnel, you feel like you're approaching the Emerald City, right?

Check out the Empire State building from my car, right before I almost got killed, AND killed somebody else cuz I was taking blog pix from my vehicle!


OK before you kill me for showing you boring pics of buildings and not fun party pics, tell me the Flatiron building is not a beauty? TELL ME!!!


I'm done with the boring pics, and I have a ton of work to do so let me go get to it. I'm having lunch w/ the "fat lady" (HER WORDS) who paid $1650 for "the pleasure." And tonight is going to be NUTS. Have a great day.

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