Jersey Reunion Tonight

Jersey Reunion Tonight

Andy's friend, Liza, gives her mpressions of the NJ Housewives of the reunion.

Well Part ONE is tonight ... followed by the premiere of NYC Prep, which The New York Times this morning called "boot camp in Prada shoes."  I have no clue what exactly that MEANS, but it's a fantastic pull-quote and so I'm pulling and quoting.

Remember a few months ago when Liza came to the NYC Reunion show taping and I posted her thoughts on my blog? The morning we taped the NJ reunion Dina came up to me and asked where my friend was and if she was going to post her mean comments about the Jersey ladies too.  First of all, her comments weren't MEAN. Secondly, here they are!


1. They all looked younger in person, especially Caroline.

2. Unlike "NYC Housewives Reunion" there was an eerie silence in the room as all the ladies walked in

3. Danielle was the last to walk in and it felt like Erica Kane had arrived.

4. You could barley hear them, again, unlike the NY housewives who you could hear from the next room.

5. As the hours went by Danielle's posture got worse and worse, to the point that she almost became one of the throw pillows on the couch.

6. They seemed  (except for Danielle) somewhat low maintenance. Again, compared to NY.

7. Andy worked his ass off.

Thanks, Lize! I actually did work my ass off, but that's because I think the women were kind of terrified of what was going to happen in a forum meant for confrontation. (You saw what happened in the forum meant for eating ....)  Truthfully, the women were dreading the reunion
since the day they came to Bravo after filming six or eight months ago.  It's a different energy reunion (not as much fighting about every little moment as the NY Ladies) but it's extremely intense, and tense in general.

My freaking BlackBerry is STILL broken and Liza was kind enough to give me a wake-up call at 7:15 this morning, so she not only contributed to this blog, but she got me up in time for the gym. And, just for her, here's  a preview clip of the ladies discussing the mob ....

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