It's Complicated

It's Complicated

Andy Cohen talks about the 'Top Chef' finale and Meryl Streep's new film.

Congratulations to our new Top Chef!!! He'll be appearing on our Watch What Happens Live Fiesta de la Facelift along with O.C. Housewife Lynne, her new face, and Lisa Lampinelli. Let us know if you have questions for them below.

That was an intense finale, especially when it came down to Volt vs. Volt. It was interesting to see the winner finally break down when Mama showed up. You'll hear more from the brothers, Kevin, all the chefs, PLUS Mama Voltaggio on the reunion next week. And voting for fan fave is still open (we'll reveal the winner live on next week's Watch What Happens Live.)

I spoke with Liza this morning (she's the biggest Top Chef fan on the planet) and, though the winner was her least favorite of the three, she thought the right person won. On the other hand, I got some mean tweets last night from others who seemed to disagree. Check out Tom and Toby's blogs HERE because they break down what happened at Judges' Table. (We also discuss at the reunion.) 

Last night was the premiere of the new Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin comedy It's Complicated at the Museum of Modern Art. I loved it. (I know I have now kvelled over three things this week and you probably think I'm crying wolf but I am actually being sincere.)  It's an adult romantic comedy — smart, witty, winning, and funny. Meryl Streep is sublime and beyond the beyond (duh), and I happily got to tell her so at the party.

We also went deep with Rita Wilson and Gayle King. Rita (who's adorable in the movie) is really into Launch My Line and Gayle and I gossiped about Housewives. Also talked to Ally Wentworth, who is funny in the film and is in the midst of relocating her entire family to New York in the wake of her hubby's appointment as host of Gay Morning America. 

OK so see you tonight at midnight. Before I go, my Mom requested a pic of the tree this morning, so I just opened my window and snapped this:


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