Is Helen Hayes Black?

Is Helen Hayes Black?

Andy Cohen contemplates that and other weighty questions this Thursday.

Tonight is one of my favorite episodes of NYC Housewives. The women are so amuck and kooky and funny and your jaw will drop. Bethenny hits the Countess with a verbal 2x4 that is not to be believed. And then Jill has a hilar photo shoot and Ramona goes so off the rails at a dinner that I am forcing her to be live with me at midnight so we can break that shizz right down! She's joined by the amazing Carol Leifer. Seriously, this episode tonight is for keeps, and it's also the launch of the Bravo Talk Bubble, which means you can schmooze with Jill Zarin, NYC's amazing showrunner Matt Anderson, and other superfans during the show. You can RSVP and check it out at

Last night we went to see the hit play Next Fall at the Helen Hayes Theater. No doubt you've seen that the Times and others kvelled all over it and it is indeed funny and sad and deep. Geoffrey Nauffs wrote it and he's a smart dude.

It will come as no surprise to you that the theater is named after the great actress Miss Helen Hayes. It may come as a suprise to you that the painting of Miss Hayes en route to the lobby seems to depict her as an African American. 

I took a picture of it but the light was crappy and my BBerry wouldn't zoom. It's worth seeing the play just so you can see what Helen Hayes would look like black.

Next door from the Afro Helen Hayes Theater, Green Day's American Idiot was in it's first night of previews and it was an electric mob scene. At Joe Allen's for dinner I ran into a friend who'd just been and said it is a massive hit transcendental experience. And he said see it now before it opens and everyone really freaks the hell out. And then we saw Laura Linney who was awesome as always. And then we ate burgers which were awesome as always. 

This morning I watched a bunch of the 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. portions of TODAY show on closed caption and I wanna tell you that there were about eight references to sucking and putting things in your mouth. (Anne Curry: "You want me to put this in my mouth??" Kathie Lee: "All you have to do is suck") It was porno if you have a dirty mind, which I most certainly do NOT. I am from the MIDWEST!!!! 

Have a great day and I'll see you at midnight!


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