Inside Trump's Hair

Inside Trump's Hair

Andy Cohen gets answers from Donald Trump for everything from Madoff to his hair -- and no one got hurt.

I'm really excited about tonight's Watch What Happens Live featuring Tracey Ullman, Kristen Johnston, and we're hopefully going to hear from OC Housewife Lynne. Trust me, after tonight's episode of RHOC, you'll want to hear a thing or two from her.

Back to the matter at hand: less than 12 hours after feeling "The Chad" (this is how Million Dollar Listing star Chad Rogers refers to his 'do), I touched Mr. Trump's hair, with his permission, of course.

Let me backtrack. Tuesday I hosted a panel at NATPE (once a big-ass TV convention) in Los Vegas featuring Mr. Trump, chef Curtis Stone, and Jillian Michaels. I was planning to ask Donald if I could touch hair but once we got started I began backpedaling in my mind.

I told Trump my analogy between he and Kim Zolciak (they'll both answer whatever question you asked) and he wanted to make sure that being compared with Kim was a good thing. I told him it's all great and he proceeded to answer everything I threw his way.

In the course of the conversation he revealed (among other things) that: he hates Japan, does not approve of Ivana's competing (and stripping) on Celebrity Big Brother UK, still thinks Rosie is a loser, thinks Ruth Madoff should be in jail ("She was his accountant — of course she knew"), and he has a Twitter account but has someone tweet on his behalf.

I was really impressed with how open and nice he was, and he was generous enough to offer me a ride home with him on his plane. (I did not accept, but it was an amazing offer.)

He was seated to my left and I certainly spent much of the session studying the contours and machinations behind his complicated hair system. I have been quite obsessed with his hair since sitting near him at one of Liza Minelli's comeback concerts about seven years ago, and up close it does not disappoint. From what I could tell up close, the cotton-candy concoction is quite complicated and deliberate.

So I was quite consumed with wondering how I was going to orchestrate touching hair hair, and the clock was ticking on our hour conversation. With four minutes to go, I told him that I'd tweeted that I was going to be interviewing him (I don't have Anthony tweet for me, see) and that many people responded with questions about his hair. He took it in stride and said everyone thinks it's a toupee but it's not, and that he's not changing it.

I went for it and asked if I could possibly... touch... it.

"Sure," he said.

I touched the side of it, because that looked like the safest point of entry. It  was hardened a bit by hairspray, but it is most certainly his hair. I did not go in through the top and I did not linger for very long. It did not get stuck and it did not give me a shock  It did not hurt.

I thank him for the experience!


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