I'm Back!

I'm Back!

Andy Cohen shares the events of his St. Tropez vacay.

Does anybody care? It's OK, I don't either. It's hard to muster energy for anything these days and I blame the media. And Joe Jackson.

So, yeah, I'm back from St. Tropez and it was fantastic, too short, and v. Joan Collins. And I opened the Post this morning to see that Jon Goesslin is there with his 22-year-old girlfriend, guesting on the yacht belonging to the dude that owns Ed Hardy. Mazel, Jon. Have some Chateau Bayrberol.

I joked a week ago that I was escaping the Jacksons, but I can't believe I returned and someone left that faucet on. E-nuf, and do book Papa Joe a one-way ticket to Dubai. My friend pointed out that when Reverand Al is sticking up for you, maybe there's a problem. Um, right ....

Saturday night was a big homosexual Hamptons benefit for the great Empire State Pride Agenda featuring Lady Bunny DJing and Governor Patterson mingling. I can't look at the Governor without thinking of Ramona telling him she's more blind than him. What's funnier than that??? Anyway, it was a myriad of patterned pants (think whales) and Bunny played "The Boss" for me, so what's not to like?

Everyone in the Hamptons this summer seems to be buying teepees, putting them in their yards, and using them for various forms of hijinx. Sounds like recession-era fun to me, but I ain't buying no teepee.

We're getting ready for the launch of Watch What Happens Live this Thursday at midnight.  I'll be live with Jersey Housewife Danielle and some other v. special guests asking my own tough questions. Plus you'll be able to call in/e-mail/tweet us your own missives. I'm excited.

Speaking of live shows, this morning is the relaunch of Wendy Williams' live daytime talk show. And I mention that not only because Wendy is funny and opinionated and looks like a drag queen who's already a lady, but also because Liza is a bigshot producer over there. Have a great first show, Liza!

I watched the first two episodes of Big Brother last night and I cannot believe I have to spend another summer looking at that JackHole Jessie. I assume this is CBS punishing me for not having a life. I get the message, CBS — now what?

Have a good day, and here's a pic of the Lady Bunny ....


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