I Won A Shoe!

I Won A Shoe!

Andy Cohen wins a prize at the charity awards.

Last night Bruce and I were on the host committee of the Annual Celebrity Server Charity Event at the Palm. In recognition for our service on committee for said event, we both got engraved Tiffany's decanters like you see on soaps in Palmer Cortlandt's living room. I am going to take a page from Palmer and fill it with whiskey and put it in my office. I wonder if, in 2006, that represents some violation of GE's HR Policy. I look forward to finding out.

Had I known that I was getting the decanter, I would've applied myself towards improving the galaxy of superstars that was waiting tables at the event. Yes, Rocco DiSpirito was there as handsome as ever, and Diana DiGarmo from Hairspray and Idol, and the often hilarious Gilbert Gottfried, and Steve Schirrippa from Sopranos, but I think we needed to Bravo the place up a little bit. Oh yeah, Randy Jones -- the wonderful Cowboy from the Village People -- was in the house becoming bestbuds with Rocco, but that ain't what I am talking about. How am I going to ask Carson to wait tables for three hours at a charity event? Not cool!

I was sitting quietly at my table when the jackhole from Fox News who was doing the auction started drawing names, giving away raffle prizes, and called my name! What did I win? A massive shoe signed by someone called Jason Boone from the New Jersey Nets!  Here's what: I don't want the shoe. I couldn't give a crap about the New Jersey Nets and that big shoe, but I know that there's gotta be SOME Andy's Blog reader who can make better use of that shoe. Someone who will give that big shoe all the love it deserves.

If you want the shoe, email me and tell me what you would do with it. I am going to send that shoe to whomever has the first halfway decent answer. It's the New Jersey Nets, people! I know that this shoe, like Madonna's new Malawian boy David, is a goldmine and needs a home where it is wanted.

The rest of the night was just as you would expect ... many photos taken with the shoe, many glasses of red wine consumed, much conversation about Monday being the new Thursday and thus justification for consumption of red wine mentioned above. The evening ended as many at the Palm do: with Bruce and I posing for pictures with our Palm caricatures. It never gets old, people!  Maybe I should just stick to giving away this flippin' shoe! Who wants the shoe!?!?!

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