I Split Town

I Split Town

Andy Cohen is in St. Tropez, but not before pondering Michael Jackson's memorial, the Hamptons, and Ruth Madoff tweeting


I am in St. Tropez for the week.

I think I just couldn't swallow the idea of Michael Jackson's "funeral" (is that the name of it?) being held at the Staples Center and had to split town. Do we think there is someone in CHARGE over there in the Jackson camp, or is it La Toya's hair guy who is actually thinking this one through? 

I keep hearing from agents that the "organizers" are begging stars to show up and pay respects. The whole thing is just sad. Go to a small church and grieve respectfully and be done with this sad moment. And then make a big TV special in the fall and book everybody to sing and look back! Don't slap something together at the Staples Center and put a coffin in the middle of the room. Are the Jehovah's Witnesses down with this idea?!?! Is anyone?

The Hamptons over July 4th was fantastic. I took all backroads and never encountered the mass influx and traffique du independance. The water was swimmable and I even ran into Rachel Zoe star Brad on the beach (in a cute pair of trunks, natch). There were beach bonfires, dinner at the Palm, fried chicken, boat rides, devilled eggs at the Perskys, fireworks, naps, and  a lot of sun. We hung out with Neal Patrick Harris and his fantastic partner David, who are both featured on this week's episode of Top Chef Masters. They are a blast.

I won't be blogging this week, but I look forward to returning on next Monday and jumping back into everything, including launching my new show Watch What Happens: Live that Thursday at midnight. We've got a buzzy Bravoleb for our first guest and a huge celeb will be calling in to say hi. 

I wonder if I will tweet from St. Trop. Is Ruth Madoff tweeting, btw? Would that look like:

@SADRUTHIE: "Roots still black. Anybody know a reasonable realtor? Need a roomie?"

Anyway, I WILL tweet in the hopes of inspiring Ruthie to get tweeting, too ....


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