I Slept with Tiger, Too!

I Slept with Tiger, Too!

Andy Cohen is getting a complex about not catching the pro golfer's eye.

OK I didn't sleep with him, but I am starting to have a little bit of a complex that Tiger Woods never came on to me, or sent for me from across a crowded bar! What's wrong with me!? Is it my hair? I KNOW I should've dyed it; I bet he was turned off by the grey hair. Anyway, it's hard to deal with all these skanks coming forward every day and know that he's just not into me.

I am writing this from the greenroom of the TODAY show. James Cameron is in the corner and Kathie Lee is standing in front of me, and it appears she is wearing a blue cocktail dress. She said she's ready for a little holiday break. I enjoy that crazylady and can't look at her the same since Kristen Wiig got through with her!

Did you see 60 Minutes last night? Lesley Stahl had a great profile of Ricky Gervais in which she sported not one but two butter leather sportcoats.That lady LOVES a butter leather sportcoat. It's almost a parody to begin paying attention to this useless piece of info as you watch the show.

This weekend flew by. Friday night was a party for Jimmy Fallon's hilarious show, then a Hanukah dinner at Amanda's and a nitecap at the Boom Boom Room. Saturday was shopping and madness and a big party in the evening. Sunday was a lot of Bravo work and a gorgeous baby shower for Padma Lakshmi, who looks more incredible with each day of her pregnancy. I've never seen a more centered, calm, beautiful lady with child.

I also caught up on some DVR backlog. The Office and 30 Rock are not only still funny, they are still VERY funny. They're the only comedies I watch on T.V. so I'm sure I'm missing something, but I can't get over how consistently lol The Office is.

OK I gotta go be on with Hoda and KLG.


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