I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man

Andy Cohen talks about his jam-packed weekend including a stop at a special screening of the new Paul Rudd film I Love You, Man.

The bad news about the new U2 album is that the first song sounds like the Kings of Leon.  Don't YOU think that's bad news?

Anyway, along with daylight savings comes a brand new AJC. I have more energy and I'm going to use it in all the best ways. I'll change my Facebook status updates constantly, go cukoo for cardio, see more movies, be more pleasant, get my crossed eyes fixed, and unplug my toaster.

The weekend began with a Cinema Society screening and party for I Love You, Man hosted by the film's stars Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, and Jason Segel. Here's What: I LOVED that movie! It is LOL the entire time and an actual relief to see a movie that's genuinely funny, for 

I have to give it to the writer/director John Hamburg, who is not only the son of NY Radio Legend Joan Hamburg, but he's also written Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and Zoolander. This kid is GOOD FOR THE JEWS. (See Friday's blog if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

I talked with Paul Rudd at the party about his time with Patti Stanger (they did a promotional shoot together, tying in the movie with her show) and we bonded about the hilarity that is Patti. I also went deep with actress/model/host/cool person Karen Duffy, with whom I might've 
fallen in love.

Later in the weekend I saw a TV ad for I Love You, Man that was so crappy and stupid it would've certainly made me disregard this smart, funny movie. So whoever cut the TV spot might need a re-think of life and love and cutting TV spots, because they did a horrible job 
representing the film.

Saturday was the perfect ramp-up to spring forward, a t-shirt day in NYC that made me hit the streets, help the economy, ran into random people, stimulated the economy more by ordering custom initial-pillows from Jonathan Adler that I did not need, and went for a run. That night we stopped by Saturday Night Live to see EP Marci Klein do her thing, and watch The Rock and Ray LaMontagne do theirs. It was funny and LaMontagne is awesome and Joe Cocker-y. I especially liked Andy Samberg's rendition of Cathy, the comic strip lonelylady, and 
Kristin Wiig's Jamie Lee Curtis Activa poop-in-pants thing.

Kristin Wiig can do no wrong. Neither can Marci, by the way, who hosts a post-show chat with the host every week on the SNL site. Her dressing room next to the stage is a crossroads of the world, by the way, with Justin Timberlake and John Hamm and everyone you can imagine 
stopping in to pay their respects.

How is it possible that, even with an hour less in the day yesterday, I managed to squeeze in half of Brokeback Mountain and all of Forgetting  Sarah Marshall? Jack I swear, the last 20 minutes of Brokeback are STILL waterworks for me. That film was robbed of Best Picture! Who's still talking about Crash?!?! No ody. That's who. I didn't think Sarah Marshall was so LOL. I did smile at the scene where Segal is sobbing at Kayne's elimination from Project Runway.

By the way, Andy Samburg is great in I Love You, Man as Rudd's gay brother, who seems like a dude who happens to be gay. And on that note I'm wondering who you think is good for the gays and bad for the gays,  because they're next …

CAB REPORT: It is raining this morning but, oddly, I had my choice of cabs. Unfortch for me, I chose 9A67 where there was no surrender from the lingering cough of Surinder Singh. My man Surinder was loudly and graphically sucking TWO lozenges while coughing into the windshield. The muck was, I am sure, bouncing from the windshield directly into my cockles. And tomorrow it is I who will be sucking two losanges courtesy of Surinder. He was sucking and hacking so loudly that I actually turned ON the taxi TV!

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