I Love The Flag

I Love The Flag

Andy Cohen on the presidential debates.

I didn't see the debate but I gather that someone asked Obama if he loved the flag. Did someone ask him if he wants to MARRY the flag and if he doesn't want to marry it, then WHY??? I think all Presidents should have to marry the flag. Otherwise how do we know they love it!?!?! Huh??? (I am so grateful that we have a clear matrix for judging true patriots: whether they wear a flag pin on their lapel. It's just good common sense.) I wonder if it is uncomfortable for George Stephanopoulos to moderate these debates given that he knows where the bodies are buried (so to speak) in the Clinton family. I love his post-White House book so much, but didn't he kind of trash them a wee bit? So is seeing them interact weird for anybody besides me? Ok it is just me I guess.

There's an item on Drudge this morning that ABC showed a close-up of Chelsea Clinton 8 times during the debate. You know what I would like them to do for one of the 18 debates still to come, just keep a camera on Chelsea and let us watch Chelsea watching the debate. I think watching her watch the debate might be more entertaining than actually watching the debate ourselves.

Speaking of watching debates, there's a new episode of "Step it Up and Dance" tonight and it is a fun one. I woke up to plenty of emails asking if I was aware that one of our dancers has some nudie pictures floating around the internet. I was not aware and I don't hold it against him, or anyone. Isn't is amazing how not-shocking nude pictures have become? My sister emailed this morning and said the interstitials during "Top Chef" are getting a little racy to be watching with her son. For example, last night's poll question was "who would you want to touch in touch football?". (The answer, by the way, was TOM at 50%) I am wondering if anyone else feels we're pushing it by, say, occasionally showing Padma licking a knife. It is important that we make the show a great viewing experience for everyone, of course.

Every morning when I pull up to 30 Rock I ask my cab driver if he would like my NEW YORK TIMES and NEW YORK POST. Like clockwork, I get one of two responses. Half the time, the driver is thrilled and smiles and accepts lovingly. The other response - that I got this morning - never ceases to flummox me, and that is that I get LAUGHED and SCOWLED at as though I was a filthy pig trying to hand someone a steaming pile of crap. I was very humiliated this morning by the driver in cab H3R7. Go get him if you see him. It is so beautiful here. Wow. I am heading on vacation tomorrow for a week but I am leaving you with piping fresh videos every day that I am gone.

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