I Love Snoopy

I Love Snoopy

Andy elaborates on Project Runway's team challenges.

I am so insane today that I don't have time to even attempt to sidle up to being witty or interesante.

How'd you feel about "Project Runway" last night? There's always a lot of chatter online after a team challenge about how unfair they are. Here's what: team challenges have their benefits and their weaknesses for all involved. Being a team captain is either going to get you immunity and major kudos or kicked out on your ass. If I were on one of these shows I'd always choose to be a team captain. I'm too bossy and opinionated to execute someone else's crap. There are people who've navigated the team captain role well and avoided elimination. Brian Malarkey comes to mind from last season's "Top Chef". Ask Omarosa how it works. She seems to know when to fly under the radar and when to step up.

Tonight's "Make Me a Supermodel" is a lot of fun. We are having a blast producing our first real-time show. We locked the show last night at midnight and it airs tonight. The episode starts with the reveal of who YOU voted to be eliminated, and then takes off on a roller coaster ride ending with 3 more models going up for your vote. You only have until 4 AM tomorrow to vote, so if you wanna get involved, watch it live. And vote early and often. Oh and wait until you hear about the unlikely love connection forming in the Model House.

I got two emails from Liza this morning. She's on a plane to LA. As some of you know, Liza is my personal weather forecaster. She's got a Doppler 8000 chip somewhere in her curly hair. So the first email was: "Approaching storm tonight. Just rain in the city but could freeze. Tomorrow, drying out. Weekend cold. Could be a storm overnight Saturday. Bitter Blast, 24, 29, Sunday and Monday."

Liza knows that this is news I can use. I depend on her for it! The next email I got, after she'd boarded her plane, is pure Liza.. "I don't want to say the guy sitting next to me is gay, but his reading material consists of a biography of Joan Blondell and Soap Opera Digest." Looks like Liza's got a new gay best friend.

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