I Love Fleet Week

I Love Fleet Week

Andy kvells about the glory that is Fleet Week ... and gets a little self-depricating.

Is there a better time in NYC!?!? I ASK!? The crisp white clothes... The bewildered faces... The stolen moments... The ship to shore... Even as the city streets are being OVERTAKEN by bike lanes and islands and pedestrians, and gays are being thrown to the curb, there's always Fleet Week.

Why don't the Commies who h8 gay marriage just make the gays live in a sewer? OK that's the best outburst I can muster this early in the morning because I'm remaining focused on the gay marriage big pic, which is that it will happen. I'm an eternal optimist. (I really am even thought I seem like a snarky dude at times.)

We're taping the Jersey reunion sooner than you think and we need your questions NOW!!!! Please click HERE to submit your questions... And make them great! Tonight, by the way, is DRAMA on Make Me A Supermodel. Finale is next week! Who's gonna make it? I gaurantee you'll be surprised.

Last night my longtermlover (me) and I had a date night at Clearview Chelsea Cinema to see Star Trek. The previews were all so very sucky. It was all rip-offs of rip-offs. It made us happy that we can cross "movies" off our long list of things we want to do this summer. (Our next date night will be walking hand in hand on the Brooklyn Bridge.) 

We liked Star Trek though I THOUGHT I was going to looooove it. I'm a hair stupid, and so some of the time travel stuff went over my head. I asked my longtermlover to explain some of it, but it went over his head, too. Guess I'm not the only dummy in this relationship!

OK that joke is dumb, and getting dumber by the second — kind of like the last three years of Andy's Blog.

I caught a little of Jimmy Fallon last night; I'm embarrassed to say it was my first time seeing the show. It was weird and funny and stammery and fidgety and I liked it a lot! I see The Roots in the elevator almost every day (we leave at the same time apparently) and now I see how incredible they are. I felt bad for Jimmy last night when Whoopi Goldberg held him hostage with an endless story about conquering her phobia of flying. It was long and not too funny, kind of like this blog!

OK I have real work to do...

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