I Heart Levi

I Heart Levi

Andy Cohen lauds the Levi Bristol ... and reacts to some unfavorable 'Miami Social' reviews.

And I have since he got Bristol pregnant. Actually since he started playing Varsity Hockey, cuz that was the legal moment to start hearting him. It was, right? Anyway I am beyond amused and tickled that sweet Levi is on a press tour promoting ....

Well I don't know exactly what he's promoting but I think it's a "My Former Almost Baby-Mama-In-Law is Stoopid" Tour. And I mean Ann Curry could only scratch her head yesterday morning. Literally I saw her scratch her freaking head during the interview. I saw it.

Now, Levi is certainly a Jew, right? I mean are there people named Levi who aren't Jewish?  And that Jew-ness is why he didn't fit in with Tripp and Trumpet and Trollup and Troll and Trivet, right? It's cuz of the Jew thing the he's not still in da bed with abstinence lovin' Bristol.

Well Levi you'll fit in with us in NYC so why don't you stay a while .... Here's what else: let me propose a dinner with you and the kids from NYC PREP and we'll watch what happens. That would be something else. 

And on that note, there's a new episode of NYC PREP tonight followed by the premiere of MIAMI SOCIAL. I am getting a huge chuckle out of the reviews this morning. The NEW YORK TIMES' Ginia Bellafante gave it what I'd consider a rave.  She calls Bravo "the cable channel that is subversively summoning Americans to proletarian revolt." And she continues: "If you listen to the reunion show of The Real Housewives of New Jersey backward, you will hear a call to arms: "Join brothers and sisters in tearing down the onyx and the chandeliers." Bravo is not run by faceless executives; it is run by the ghost of Joe Hill. "

That's funny. But the MIAMI HERALD's Glenn Garvin ran what is probably the funniest — and meanest — reviews I've read.  He hates the show and thinks it's an embarrassment to Miami, and civilization itself.

"I'm not saying Miami Social is so bad it's good. I'm saying it's so bad it will make you regret being born with eyes. I'm saying it's so bad that if you saw a member of the cast burst into flames on the street, you wouldn't waste your spit putting him or her out. I'm saying Osama bin
Laden, if he sees it, will weep bitter tears of frustration that he went after the wrong American city."

I actually think MIAMI SOCIAL is the perfect summer show. It's stupid and sexy fun, and the tale of George and Lina is gripping reality.


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