I Got Nada

I Got Nada

What is Andy Cohen reading? Find out.

Good day from LA. I gots to keep this blog short because the more time I spend jamming on this blackberry, the more I am keeping Jeff Lewis waiting, which is not an amazing thing.

Dan Tana's last night was Ryan Phillippe, lots of plastic surgery, lots of testosterone, spaghetti on the side of every entree, and Ricki Lake. Not necessarily in that order.

Did you see Ron Howard's romp through his classic TV past in the name of Obama? Loved it. It was wild seeing Henry Winkler in his Fonz drag! He seemed both classic, and like he was having trouble finding his footing.

And what about Will Ferrell doing Bush again last night? Talk about some Cloris-sized political entertainment!

Speaking of which, I am in the grips of DREAMS OF MY FATHER. It is an amazing read. I am struck not only by the unbelievable story of this man's life, but also by what a great writer he is.

LA CAB REPORT: I take my fair share of evening cabs in Lost Angeles on account of not wanting to D and D. Last night, I had a driver in car 3466 with the fire of an NYC cabbie. This leadfooted dude was ready for the bigtime.

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