I Forgot to Blog

I Forgot to Blog

Andy gives his take on the controversial Newsweek column, Oprah's Harpo Hookups episode, and more!


Sometimes that happens... It is suddenly 1pm and I realize I never wrote anything down. I am en route to LaGuardia, where I'm destined for Chicago for the night for a dinner that should be lots of fun.

Tonight is a new Top Chef Masters that not only features a Simpsons quickfire (!), but it's also supersized! I mean, what's better?

The Newsweek column that asserted that gay guys stink at playing straight guys from two weeks ago has been getting a lot of pickup. The author has said in interviews that he was misinterpreted, that he was really only discussing it as a big issue, and that if Clooney came out tomorrow it would affect his career.

The problem is that he pretty nastily slammed almost every gay actor working today, talking about how unconvincing they all are in their roles. He said Sean Hayes totally didn't work on Broadway, that Neil Patrick Harris is playing a cartoon character, and that Jenna's love interest on Glee is light in his loafers.

Kristin Chenoweth wrote an amazing defense of Hayes, her Broadway co-star in "Promises, Promises," and other actors. You should check that out. (Sean is amazing in the part.) Oh and by the way, I didn't know that guy on Glee was gay and it sure seems like no one thinks about Neil Patrick Harris' sexuality when they watch his HUGE HIT sitcom. This Newsweek dude probably just hurt a lot of gay actors trying to get work in an already prejudiced field, so, awesome work man!

Did you see Oprah's Harpo Hookups show the other day? It was a lot of fun. There was something about it that bugged me, though, and now I forget. I hate that. If you saw it and something bugged you, let me know and maybe we're on the same page.

OK I will see you in Chicago, I hope!

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