I Covet Sebastian's Hair

I Covet Sebastian's Hair

Andy Cohen contemplates the well-coiffed star of 'NYC Prep,' as well as various other non sequiturs.

How'd you like last night's NYC Prep? It was a big topic on Twitter last night, so it seems to be something people are discussing. For all the ruckus about this show being scandalous, am I the only one who finds it tame compared to the drugs and sex depicted in Gossip Girl?

It's interesting too that the schools the teens attend all seem to be having little conniption fits about the show. Given that we went to great pains to never mention their names or anything about the actual schools, they are drawing an enormous amount of attention to themselves  I think that's odd.

So in celebration of July 4th and our nation's independance, Bravo is presenting a special epsiode of The Fashion Show tonight! What says July 4th more than THAT!? "Nothing" is the correct answer.

We had our finale event last Friday at Cipriani Wall Street and it was an insane mashup of Bravolebs and fashionistas. The Real Housewives of NYC and Jersey were all in one row joined by Tabatha, Laura Bennett, Kelly Choi, Glenda Bailey, and of course Fern, Isaac, and Kelly. The NYC Prep girls were there too as well as Real Kids of NYC Avery Singer and Ally Zarin and many of the Real Kids of Jersey. The highlight of the day besides the fashion just may have been chatting with Teresa's daughter Gia. She had on lipstick and I loved it. 

Did anyone see Tavis Smiley's interview with Berry Gordy the other night? It was simultaneously disappointing and fascinating. I wanted more, I guess, and to hear Gordy's POV on Jackson's later years and psychology. Given his knowledge of the early days, I bet Gordy has an interesting take on Jackson's later implosion.

RANDOM NONSEQUITURS A LA LARRY KING: I just started following Andy Cooper on Twitter and there are actually TOO many updates. Do I have to un-follow? ... I am dating myself, but recall when USA Today launched and there was an uproar that it was too bite-sized and everyone was too dumbed down. Is Twitter doing the same thing? Will our children only be able to have 140 character-sized thoughts? Will I? ... We announced August premiere dates today for Flipping Out (8/17) and Rachel Zoe (8/25)! ... It is thundering to beat hell here. Is it summer? ... How is it possible that Journey is having such a huge comeback? ... Where is Diana Ross? Can Barbara Walters book that interview please so we can listen to her opine about Michael?


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