I Bow To Billy

I Bow To Billy

What made Andy Cohen cry like a baby? Read on.

What a fun, busy weekend. My parents were here, which is always simultaneously fun and a melancholy reminder of how fast life is going.

Friday night I celebrated my 20th anniversary of friendship with two leading ladies in my life, Dr. Amanda Baten and Graciela Meltzer at il Buco. The three of us met studying abroad in London in the fall of '88 and our soul connection took off from there.

Amanda was the first person I ever came out to and Grac spent the semester wondering why I never came onto her. 20 years later, we still make each other laugh like crazy.

Saturday was an all-day Bravo photoshoot featuring everyone from Padma to Lipton and the Real Housewives of NYC. There was A LOT of energy in that joint and it was great seeing everyone. We have very outspoken and fun people working at Bravo. Joy.

I bopped out of the photo shoot for a Persky-Cohen lunch, which really was an election summit held at Antonucci's on the Upper East side. Who ISN'T obsessed with this freaking election? When my Mom got back to the InterContinental, she discovered that Sarah Palin was also staying there. That's what ya get for stayin' at the InterContinental!

Saturday night I saw Billy Elliot and, against all odds, it BLEW MY MIND. Consider that there is no memorable music, it is too long, there is too much about the friggin Miner's Strike, and it is literally out of order (I have notes to make it better if anyone cares). Consider that there was a French couple sitting behind me having a HUGE fight en Francais and the lady was SOBBING (I mean WAILING) for most of the first act. (They left at intermission, presumably to go kill each other.) Consider that there was a loud, leaky, hissy oxygen tank lady on the other side of us.

Beyond all those obstacles, it may be my favorite thing I have ever seen onstage. I cried so much I am almost embarrassed to say it. I couldn't take it. There are three "Billys" and we saw the little Latino kid, who was great. I feel like little "Trent" may be better and I will go back because I want to see what I missed. Just go see this show. It is deeply flawed yet kind of perfect. I mean I cried.

We had a great time at Joe Allen and Bar Centrale afterwards and heard a lot of "Billy" goss... I love my Broadway drunks; they spill it! There was a lady at the table next to us at Joe's who said she was still undecided. What is there to still be undecided about? What are you waiting to hear? Sunday morning was brightened by Colin Powell's eloquent endorsement. Wow. Seven minutes of intelligence. He'd seemed to me like Bush's stooge in his late years in the administration, but I am back in for CP again. Mazel, Colin!


Watched the SNL skits online and I am more convinced than ever that this Alaskan lady should be a TV anchor or a performer or host "The Insider" or something in front of the camera that DOESN'T involve running our country. I mean, c'mon. She's the next Mary Hart.

Last night was a late dinner at Morandi where we endlessly discussed politics. Omg let it be November 5th!!!


I waited for a cab 4evah today in the brisk fall morning. That's what you get for trying to get to work early, but it was sweet glory when I finally did... Who cares!

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