I am an Ungrateful Idiot

I am an Ungrateful Idiot

Andy Cohen shares his adventures while in Chicago.

Tonight is a special Housewives at Sea episode of RHNYC that also features the Countess recording a song and on a wild date. She and Sonja will be live with me at 11 EST (still playing around with this 11 p.m. thing for a while longer), and the Countess will perform her second single LIVE. Doesn't that seem like one of those live tv things that you maybe should check out???

I'm in rainy Chicago, in a butt-truck of traffic en route to O'Hare. Last night we had a sensational dinner prepared by Top Chef's only femaile winner, Stephanie Izard, thrown by our amazing ad sales team. I met a lot of great people and had a lotta laughs. Stephanie's new restaurant, Girl and a Goat, opens in six weeks in ChiTown. Check it out, Oprah! I mean, check it out, people!

My driver is lecturing me about traffic patterns in Chicago and apparently I have much to learn, whether I want to or not. Oh it is COMPLEX.

This morning I somehow managed to slam my hotel room door into my face, and then collapsed in a rush of hysterical laughter and thumping forehead pain. It is really not easy navigating this world as an idiot, I tell ya. The deck is stacked against us!  And that is one of many reasons I look up to George W. Bush. Look at what he accomplished!

I can't believe I made a W. joke. So very 2006.

OK, now we are off the highway taking surface roads, so I am told we are in "good shape now." The driver is essentially trying to (very un-subtley) let me know that he has saved my life and that the reason I will be making my flight — and that my heart is still beating — is because he took surface roads. Here's what: he may be right.

See you tonight at 11 EST. (If my driver is able to transmit the show from his satellite.)

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