Hump It

Hump It

Andy Cohen breaks down the Paul Abdual-Idol situation.

There are only two more episodes of Top Chef Masters, and both involve Top Chef alumni. Tonight's episode even evokes some of the fighting and name-calling that you've grown to love on Top Chef, courtesy of season 4 alum Dale Talde. You won't believe which "Master" he decides to take on. (It's a phenom episode.)

Today's New York Times has what is meant to be a breakdown of what exactly happened that led Paula Abdul to split from Idol. It doesn't actually say  anything you didn't already know, which is a shame .... Allegedly, she wanted 10 million bucks and they offered her 5 and she feels "disrespected" by them and maybe thinks they treat her differently because she's a woman. And that maybe they used Kara to push her out.

So my two thoughts are:

A. After watching Hey, Paula it is clear that feeling "disrespected" maybe is a recurring theme for La Abdul. Maybe it is true. I'm just saying.  

B. There is only one way to discover if the lady is the victim. The crux of what we all need to know is how much dinero Randy Jackson makes a year. Was he paid the same as Paula? He should be, and if he does make more then I think Paula WAS being discriminated against. Paula brought the crazy, live, wildcard-ness and he brings the pitchy dog-ness. I prefer the crazy.

By the way I barely even watch Idol so I should stop pretending to be an expert. And furthermore I am sitting here at the dentist getting BRUTALIZED by the hygenist and it has taken me forever to pound out this pathetic blog on my Bberry. 

My mouth is bloody and so is my spirit.


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