Hump It

Hump It

Andy Cohen goes back to school! And chats about Carrie Fisher.


What a wild episode of the OC Housewives last night. Wow. High highs and very low lows. The women have a lot to say on their blogs this week, especially Vicki, who was in a different place with Don during shooting and now seems to be cringing at the show. Hmm. Also check out Bethenny Frankel's take on the season. (It's all HERE.)

If you want to see a truly happy and in love lady, take a look at Gail Simmons on tonight's special (supersized, by the way) episode of "Top Chef". Her bridal shower was taped days before she and Jeremy were married, so her joy is quite sincere. It's adorable to see all her beautiful friends and her obvious love for them all.

Carrie Fisher was on the TODAY show this morning and she was sitting kinda Indian style in a blousey way, rendering herself a virtual twin to an amputee version of Margot Kidder, which is a lovely thought. It was weird - the whole thing. She and Al had weird 'chemistry' and she was laughing a lot at her madcap-ness and I don't know who's going to see that one-woman show. Who??? (Is it offensive to say 'Indian-style'? Is that said anymore? If it is politically incorrect I am sorry.)
Last night I was a judge for some final projects in a NYU class called TV NATION. Students were divided into networks and production companies, who worked together to pitch and create slates of programming. Each network presented their slate and we voted on our favorite comedy, reality show, and drama. There were some fun ones and others that already kind of existed.

It was fun hearing the kids' ideas and looking at their fashion. The whole thing made me wish I was back in school getting credit for studying about TV. Oh and it was ironic to be there on the day that NBC put Leno on every night at 10 PM. The teacher had a lot to say about that. I gots a lot of work to do so let me get to it...

SUBWAY REPORT: No one covers their mouth. That's why we're all sick.

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