Hump It

Hump It

Andy talks Shear Genius and lunches with Padma.

Season 2 of "Shear Genius" starts tonight at 10 PM EST and I'm excited! We've got great challenges this year (Real Housewives makeovers, Charlie's Angels), a new lead judge (Kim Vo), the always adorable Rene Fris, with the white hot glittering superstar Jaclyn Smith driving the bus.

Our marketing team put together an unbelievable event smack in the middle of Times Square yesterday where all of this season's stylists gave free blow-outs to anybody who showed up. It was a gorgeous day and everyone was happy. What put the thing over the top was students from the School of Visual Arts who designed UNBELIEVABLE one-of-a-kind salon chairs.

Here's me, Rene, Jaclyn and Kim feelin it:



** I had lunch with Padma yesterday and she is as fierce as ever. I keep hearing about the cooking demo that she and Tom did at the Food and Wine Festival in Aspen, apparently they were like a classic comedy duo. Did anybody shoot it??

** In a sign of how much NYC is changing, my doorman told me this morning that Jackson Square, one of the West Village's last hubs of stink, is now wireless. What will they think of next?

** "Sex and the City" has made 300 million bucks around the world.. Wow.

** What about Anne Hathaway's fancypants boyfriend being exposed as a fraud? I sat next to him at a dinner last year and then saw him at the big Valentino bash in Roma... he was so impressive with his ties to the Vatican and aristocratic fork and knife skills. Well the cover of the POST today is VATI-CON slapped across a picture of his face. He conned everybody including his sweet former girlfriend. His bail is something like 22 million in cash and he faces up to 9 years in jail. His life is about to change, huh?

CAB REPORT: My new buddy Khouma likes to keep cab #7G75 chilled enough that frozen meat won't defrost en route to Rock Center. Guess what - my meat didn't defrost! I am so glad I chose today to transport my meats from home to the office...

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